The Wet Weather Line

We help schools engage with parents by connecting wet weather information notification systems to social media and school information apps.

When you are at the sports field checking the grounds, the only practical option to keep your team up-to-date is a voicemail or an SMS message. We push that message out to the places you want your parents to check.

The parents will get into the habit of looking at your social media streams, and improve engagement with the school.

How it works

What we can monitor
Your existing phone service
Or, we supply you with a phone system
Or, we can wait for you to SMS us
What we can send to Supported Examples
Your school's Skoolbag app Baker College
BlinkMobile Interactive and their partner Acresta Trinity Grammar School
Sports Noticeboard
Twitter Demo
RSS feeds Demo
Custom apps (and earn money for the school!) Google Play - iTunes
A phone line for parents to dial into

We aim to work with every supplier of school communication systems.

Some schools we are helping

Getting in touch with us

We know that sometimes schools need a long time to make purchases and choose a technology. We can provide very long free trials to make this a success for you.

Contact for enquiries: Greg Baker
Phone: +61 408 245 856

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